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Today, the automotive industry has entered a stage of high quality production. As consumers' demand grows higher, major automakers have to do their best to create surprises. In recent years, in addition to high-tech technologies such as "smart interconnection" and "automatic driving", the most popular attraction is flying cars. Based on the current situation, it is possible to build a winged car. There is only one company in the world. It is the high-tech company acquired by Geely - Terrafugia.
It is understood that Terrafugia's predecessor was founded by five American high school students. In 2009, the company had already built the first flying car. After three years, it was changed and upgraded. According to sources, the flying car was named "Swire Aircraft" and will be in the second half of this year. Officially listed, the price is 280,000 US dollars, about 1.9 million yuan, it seems that Geely really wants to be completely fired. The following small series for everyone to introduce this unique car.
In terms of appearance, the whole shape looks like a helicopter, a bullet head and a slip-back roof, giving a stylish and eye-catching feeling. The length, width and height of the body are 6022/2300/1980mm, the wing can be folded, and the entire transformation time is only 40S. After the transformation, it will take off after more than 500 meters on the ground. The whole process is very fast and smooth.
The interior has not been disclosed yet. It is expected to be similar to the cabin layout of the helicopter. There should be a large number of technical configurations inside, which is very difficult to operate.
In terms of power, it will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid contract, as well as an automatic flight and landing system. The flight range and maximum flight speed are unknown, and are expected to be 600Km and 160Km/h respectively. For two adults to ride. It is worth mentioning that the lithium iron phosphate battery and electric drive used in the car are partly provided by Geely. This side also reflects the current strength of Geely Group can not be underestimated.
At present, the first order of this car has been snapped up. However, considering the problem of air traffic control, we are still unable to fly test in our country and can only accept reservations in the US market. Although the car has been heavily reviewed by the relevant US departments, the takeoff will still provide a parachute, just in case.



今日、自動車産業は高品質生産の段階に入っています。消費者の需要が高まるにつれて、大手自動車メーカーは驚きを生み出すために最善を尽くす必要があります。近年、「スマート相互接続」や「自動運転」などのハイテク技術に加えて、最も人気のあるアトラクションはフライングカーです。現在の状況に基づいて、翼車を作ることは可能で、世界にたった一つの会社がありますそれはGeely  -  Terrafugiaによって得られたハイテク会社です。
Terrafugiaの前身は5人のアメリカの高校生によって設立されたと理解されています。情報源によると、この飛行車は「Swire Aircraft」と名付けられ、今年後半になる予定です。正式に記載されている、価格は28万ドル、約190万元、それは吉利が本当に完全に解雇されることを望んでいるようです。このユニークな車を紹介する皆のための次の小さなシリーズ。
外観の面では、全体の形状は、ヘリコプター、弾頭、スリップバックルーフのように見え、スタイリッシュで人目を引く感覚を与えます。体の長さ、幅、高さは6022/2300 / 1980mmで、羽は折りたたむことができ、全体の変形時間はわずか40秒です。変換後、地上500メートル以上で離陸しますが、全体のプロセスは非常に速くスムーズです。
パワー面では、プラグインハイブリッド契約と自動着陸システムが装備され、飛行距離と最大飛行速度は不明であり、それぞれ600Kmと160Km / hが見込まれる。大人2人が乗る。自動車で使用されているリン酸鉄リチウム電池と電気駆動装置の一部は、Geelyによって提供されています。この側面はまた、吉利集団の現在の強さを過小評価することはできません反映しています。

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