Uber Elevate将设想飞行汽车出租车技术

2019-10-06 21:00


这个美国公司近期因自动驾驶汽车检测的各种各样异议而进出新闻报道,它将详解其名叫“ Uber Elevate”的四轴飞行器方案,由前美国宇航局技术工程师Mark Moore领导干部。Moore在该组织工作中了30年,他在电动飞机上的工作中造成了Google的Larry Page的留意。


该方案是应用VTOL(垂直起降)技术性根据最后层面将顾客送到到达站。这在定义上类似人们将来的挪动作用经典故事中详细描述的E-Hang货物运输无人飞机,及其2019年日内瓦车展上的Italdesign / Airbus定义。



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Uber will apparently announce the development of a design-defined flight vehicle definition at this year's annual forum in Dallas, Texas. Hitch-shared resources have widely claimed that this definition should be conducive to improving the technical understanding of flying cars.

The US company recently entered the news report for various objections detected by self-driving cars. It will explain its four-axis aircraft program called "Uber Elevate", led by former NASA technical engineer Mark Moore. Moore has been working in the organization for 30 years, and his work on electric planes has caused Google's Larry Page to pay attention.

The solution is to apply VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) technically to the customer at the final level. This is defined in the E-Hang Cargo Unmanned Aircraft, which is described in detail in the future of the classic story of the move, and its Italdesign / Airbus definition at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

At the beginning of this week, the French company Lilium showed its VTOL electric flying car, which is similar to Uber.

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