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Earlier, it was learned from the official website of Tianma Flying Cars that on January 7, 2020, Pegasus (Tianma International), a Canadian company, debuted at a foreign CES exhibition with a new Tianma Flying Car project that has undergone 10 years of product development.
The founder of the new Pegasus flying car project, formerly an Air Force pilot, said, "People are very excited to add the intelligent transportation industry in the sky. People believe that this industry has a use value of a billion-dollar sales market." "People look forward to working with assets and well-known companies." Mutually produced best-in-class flying cars show effective solutions to the traffic jam problem. "
Tianma Flying Car 2020CES International Exhibition Accepts Local
In terms of laws and regulations, Michael said that "modern science and technology have entered outer space. Every day people are encountering and constantly discovering and dealing with difficult points. If you master the benefits of flying cars, you will firmly believe that flying cars are more than fully automated technology. It ’s much easier to keep productive with pure electric vehicles. "
In terms of price and ease of use, Pegasus flying cars have long been ahead of other similar industries. Pegasus flying car can take off and land vertically without using a playground. All standard parking spaces and parking spaces can be parked. Single seat 329999 / set, double seat 399999 / set Warmly welcome outstanding asset auto companies to cooperate with Pegasus and recruit top CEO CFOCTO to join the team elite team to win the future.

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